Hear the soul in every note…see the soul in every expression……feel the soul in every show….There isn’t a single moment that isn’t fully encompassed with

passion and authenticity. You can tell that music isn’t everything to him, its the only thing…………….And everyone knows you can’t fake a goosebump………

Robby Overfield is a musician who blends the art of storytelling and genuine lyrics with a powerful voice to compliment an encapsulating listening experience.

Stretching his soulful Detroit, Michigan roots all the way to the rocky skyline of Durango, Colorado, Robby has continued to grow and expand his musical

framework to include unique perspectives to his own life’s episodes and encounters. With a tremendous ability to captivate an audience through subtle build-ups

and incredible delivery, his songs are bound to have folks walking away changed by the power of music and emotion.


Happy Sunday! Remember, you can still download the Breaks EP from iTunes. Great music during your Sunday chores!

Overfield describes the title to the EP an awakening of his life in a nut shell. “Every track in this EP ties into the bigger picture…and for me that has been my

ability to catch, or not catch, the proverbial Breaks in life”. Overfield goes on to add. “Its hard not to pinpoint your personal sagas in music…I made a conscious

decision to generalize the stuff I was writing because many of these core values are found in other people as well…..and I want them to feel a part of the

stories….not just to move, but to be moved….walk away with a sense of ownership in the message.” So sit back, relax and let your mind, body and soul soak in

with what this young man has to offer….you wont be disappointed.


Robby will be the first to admit that these types of happen-stances don’t, in fact, “happen” overnight. In a 2010 interview, Overfield writes “Music is a process….it

takes time to mature, change, evolve…If I have learned anything from my endeavors, its that everything deserves a chance in music just as it does in life….what

doesn’t come around the first time may come back around when the timings right….like many other maturity stages in life….it needs time to grow and

blossom……….”. And that is exactly what has happened with not only his style, but his stories. Robby and the Breaks (Ryan McCurry – Keys Evan Suiter – bass,

Alex Morrow -drums) are currently finishing up their new Live EP entitled “Live at Fort Lewis College”.Picture1.jpg